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Finance, Usance, Refinance
Design and developing a financing structure for big projects is a very important issue that affects implementation schedule, costs and risks. Access to the resources, funds, guarantees required by financer, foreign exchange issue, insurance and banking rules and regulations are factors that must be considered along with technical, financial and legal requirements of each project and therefore financial structure must be devised to encompass all of them.
This company in cooperation with legal, financial, banking and commercial

specialists provides below services in project financing:
1. financial engineering of projects and providing financing structure customized for each project
2. Financing management from different sources including:
• Mid-term foreign financing
• Short-term foreign finance (Usance)
• Short-term foreign finance from international institutes (IDB, DIB,…)
• Long-term financing from international financial institutes (World bank- Asian Infrastructure Investment –AIIB)
3. Financing from National Development Fund in Iran
4. Financing by new tools in investment market like securities, fund and etc

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