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Supply of Machines, Equipment, Industrial spare parts
Export of various goods
Management consultation regarding:

  • Finance, Usance, Refinance
  • Hold international tender
  • Industrial goods marketing


Regarding Iran market business and marketing opportunities in different areas including Rail transport (intercity and city trains), road, marine, oil, gas, petroleum, mine and building industries, Arya Tejarat Sprooz Co. is established in 2011 to provide business services on machinery, equipment, spare parts and raw material required by industries and based on the expertise and experience of its management team and personnel in identifying market needs together with the effective relationships with suppliers has been able to reach a substantial position in market and now it is a credible supplier of Machinery, equipment and industrial components and pieces and also management consultant especially in financing big projects for organizations and companies and has fixed its position in the market. Iran Ports and maritime organization and big marine companies, Iran Railway company, private rail companies, metro companies in seven big cities in Iran, Provincial government organizations, Steel production companies and several major mines are examples of our clients.
The main approach of this company is to create and develop strategic business relationships with customers in different industries in Iran and also suppliers in industrial countries especially in North America, Europe, and East Asia to create the most value to the customers.

Supply of Industrial Equipment and Components

Regarding economical and reliability aspects of locomotives, wagons, vessels and heavy motors readiness factor, Maintenance, procurement and supply of components with optimum cost and time is highly important. On the basis of its great experience, Arya Tejarat Sprooz Company has acquired aforementioned commodities from industrial countries especially in North American, Europe, East Asia with aim of providing the most value to the customers. To provide our customers more information, they are listed below and are downloadable in each section

Management Consultancy

Feasibility and Economic assessment of Plans and developing Business Plans

Contact details

Address: Unit 4, No.23, Corner of Golha st., Modiriat Blvd., Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran.

Telefax: (+98)21-88692876, (+98)21-88692879, (+98)21-88583549

Email: info@sproozco.com – at.sprooz@gmail.com

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