scientific name: Glycyrhiza glabra L. , Glycyrhiza BatSyn: Glycyrhiza violacea boiss
Generic name: Radix Liquiritae
English names: Licorice,Liquorice
Persian name: licorice
Arabic names: شجرالصوص، غرق السوس
Products: Extract powder
Uses of licorice: pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, treatment of peptic ulcer and indigestion, treatment of SARS, bronchitis, sore throat and asthma, treatment of liver diseases (hepatitis type C), treatment of Addison’s disease, treatment of rheumatic swellings, expectorant and antitussive in creams for Use to remove dark circles around the eyes. Use in moisturizing and lightening creams. Reduce the effects of menopause. Reduce the amount of fat between the tissues. And drink it in Delster drink (Ma’a al-sha’ir) to create foam.
Use in non-alcoholic beverages as a flavoring in sweets, chocolates and candies. Flavor enhancement industries in products containing cocoa (cocoa substitute up to 25%). Use in all kinds of gels, pastilles and herbal teas. Various industries. Use in fire extinguishers as a foaming agent. And the flame retardant is used in toothpaste and mouthwash as an anti-bacterial and foaming agent for the preparation of all kinds of shampoos.