Railway pavement equipment and parts

For 4 years, this company was the official representative of Murom Switch Works (Russia’s largest needle manufacturer) in Iran, and during this period, a significant amount of Russian type P50 and P65 needles were imported to Iran, also due to Russia’s lack of production needs. European UIC type needles, therefore, this product was not in the Murom company’s production portfolio, but with the efforts and leadership of this company and in the form of a project and with the technical assistance of domestic experts, the first European needle with UIC standard was made in Russia’s Murom company and imported to Iran by this company. And with the coordination of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway, it was installed and launched in the entrance line of Karaj station, which is currently one of the best needles installed in the railway, after about 4 years of operation, according to experts. (Relevant information and images on the catalog page and articles)

It should be mentioned that our cooperation with Murom Company of Russia was temporarily stopped due to the beginning of monetary and banking sanctions, and this company, with its technical and credit support, entered into contact with the best Chinese manufacturers to supply the relevant items needed by the country. Technically continued with strength and the main parts required such as the central piece, tongue, hard rail and guard rail and so on. . . ) is provided for the only producer of needles in Iran. (Relevant information and maps on the catalog page and articles)

Regarding tools and peripheral equipment and machines required for railway construction and needle installation, such as new and second-hand crushing machines, ultrasonic testing devices for line testing, manual and automatic devices for measuring the width of railway lines, and other parts required for needle installation, including base plates and bindings And the guide and sliding plate, etc., this company has effective communication with the best domestic and foreign production companies and is ready to provide the best financial offer with special payment terms. (Relevant information and maps on the catalog page and articles)