Persian raisin is a delicious dried fruit. It is used in the process of preparing all kinds of food, sweets, cookies, cakes and other confectionery materials. You may have eaten the most delicious birthday or homemade cakes using different types of raisins. This product is one of the prominent sources of income for grape growing countries. Iran also has the best opportunity to produce all kinds of raisins for export. Some types of exported raisins are dark brown in color and others are light in color. You can make the most delicious rice recipe by using rice raisins.

Types of Iranian raisins

Iranian raisins are prepared from ripe grapes as one of the strategic products of this country. Grape drying and raisin production have a long history. Fertile agriculture, high-quality land and the use of modern and organic technologies in the production of Iranian raisins have made this country one of the largest exporters of this product, and in this way Iranian raisins currently have a good position in the world.

Golden Raisin

Golden raisin is cultivated in most parts of Iran. The color of this type is amber with a natural sweet and fruity taste. The color of this type is amber with a natural sweet and fruity taste.

Soltanieh Raisins

Shamsh Sultan is made from the best seedless grapes. In order to achieve the desired quality, all the raisins are washed and sorted twice at each stage, dipped in edible oil and finally dried. Iranian Soltani raisins are available in two colors. Light brown and dark brown are sweeter than others.

Kashmiri raisins

Kashmiri raisins, which are also called long raisins, are produced from local varieties of Iranian grapes. Their color is green and they are popular for those who dislike the strong aroma of other types of raisins

Iranian raisins for export

Iran’s raisins have taken the third place in the world for exports to this country, followed by Turkey and the United States. As you know, raisins are dried grapes, and in the Iranian market, there are various types of exported raisins depending on the type of grapes, drying conditions, and additives. Also, due to the possibility of long-term storage of the product in dry and cool conditions, it is possible to buy and sell exported raisins throughout the year.

Iran is the third largest exporter of raisins in the world, exporting more than 150,000 million tons (27% of international consumption) of raisins with an annual value of 250 million dollars. The advantage of Iranian raisin is mainly its price, minerals and different strategies of rate, minerals and processing, and that is why Iranian raisin minerals are among the best raisins in the world.