Return of investment in the form of removing production obstacles

The low price of energy in the country, especially fossil fuels, has caused a lot of damage to the country’s economy, despite all the positive effects in the public mind. According to statistics, the intensity of energy consumption in the country is more than three times the world average. Article 12 of the Law on Removing Barriers to Competitive Production and Improving the Country’s Financial System is one of the most progressive laws of the country in the field of fuel saving. The purpose of this legal article is to compensate for the harmful effects of low fuel prices by returning the benefits of savings to the savings factor. In this plan, the saving agent receives the fuel saving subsidy equivalent to riyals (difference between international and domestic prices) as a fuel saving subsidy.

It should be mentioned that the scope of the mentioned law is not limited to the field of fuel saving and it includes all the fields that lead to an increase in the income or a decrease in the cost of the public sector with the investment or action of the private sector. Aria Tejarat Sprooz company, having a brilliant experience and track record in the field of fuel saving in railways, is ready to provide consulting services to various companies and organizations in various fields to benefit from this law.

Investment return services in the form of Article 12

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