scientific name: Rosmarinus officinalis L.
Generic name: Rosmarini Folium، Rosmarini Herba.
English names: Rosemary, moorwort, common rosemary, memory plant.
Persian name: Rosemary
Arabic names: کلیل، اکلیل الجمال، حصالبان، حصالبان اکسیر.
Type of active ingredient: The effective ingredient is rosemary essential oil. The main active ingredients of rosemary oil are 1-8 cineole and camphor. Acetate (about 40-55%)

Health benefits of rosemary

Rosemary decoction is effective in relieving and increasing muscle strength, reducing anxiety, headaches, migraines and treating stomach ulcers. Rosemary oil is used topically to relieve pain and treat muscle pain and rheumatic diseases. Rosemary oil is also used in cosmetics and perfume industries. Rosemary is used in herbal shampoos for hair loss and anti-dandruff effects.