Dried bananas are really remarkable foods. They fit well in their own packaging, they are a great snack to eat or even replace candy, they are very good and cheap compared to many other fruits. Dried bananas are pieces of bananas that have been dried in various ways.
Bananas are usually peeled before they are dried, either in long slices (called spears), round slices (called chips) or slices. Spears are sweet. Use them for cooking. The chips are fried in coconut oil and become crispy.
Dried banana slices that are fried are mechanically or freeze dried. However, just drying banana slices alone does not make them as crispy as banana chips. Banana chips are best for out-of-hand consumption.
The amount of banana production in Iran, according to confirmed reports, the production of bananas for Iran in 2019 was 138,647 tons. Iran’s banana production has increased from 38,206 tons to the number mentioned in 2019, which means an average annual growth rate of 8.60 percent.

Dried banana nutrition facts

Wholesale Dried Banana Chips If you are responsible for providing snacks for a large event or have some kind of commercial catering company, buying dried bananas in bulk is the most cost-effective way to buy dried banana chips. If you need to offer your customers or event-goers alternatives, you can buy dried plantain chips and unsweetened banana chips in bulk.
Buying banana chips in bulk is a cost-effective way to stock up on items for a party table or repackage them for distribution at a civic, collegiate, or sporting event.
Dried banana chips are perfect snacks that you can make if you like to go camping or hiking. They are easy to make and can be kept in convenient sizes for portable snacks.
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